An Intelligent Platform for Procurement

eProcurenet offers a new way to achieve compliance to preferred buying, where the platform itself guides users towards the right purchasing paths based on its intelligent self-learning engine. Powered by patented Artificial Intelligence technology, the eProcurenet platform guides shoppers seamlessly to best-value purchasing decisions and delivers an unrivaled consumer-like shopping experience with natural language search to drive adoption without sacrificing crucial corporate controls on spending. eProcurenet platform seamlessly integrates Catalog Management, Requisition and Approval Workflow, and Purchase Order Management with other procurement functions, yielding superior performance across the entire Source-to-Settle spectrum.

Our Core eProcurement Modules

Procurement Requests

Project Management

Tender Management

Evaluation Process

Contract Management

Purchase Orders

Site Management


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Our System Capabilities

Procurement planning is the identification and consolidating of requirements and determining the time schedules for procurement to be done successfully. A good procurement plan describes the process of identifying and selecting suppliers and service providers.

Our system ensures that within the Procurement plans, the procurement activities are linked to budget, correct methods of procurement are selected, and suitable on-boarding process is executed for goods, works, or services to be procured.

Prequalification is the first stage of the tender process. The goal is to interact with prequalified suppliers who shall be given potential access to tender opportunities which are not available to suppliers who are not prequalified.

Here, the assessment of potential suppliers and service providers on the basis of factors such as experience, financial ability, managerial ability, reputation, work history among others is used to develop a list of qualified bidders who will receive invitations to bid when they arise.

Tender Management is a structured process starting from invitation to bid, designing an effective bid response, managing evaluation and contract award.

Our Platform enables Competitive Bidding where bidders set a price for a product or service, thereby determining the cost or market value of it.

Supplier evaluation is done either as a questionnaire, interview or site visit to assess the supplier’s capability in terms of technical capacity, financial capacity, performance and processes in place.

Both existing and potential suppliers are scored on suitability, ranked and either approved or rejected. This helps to improve existing suppliers performance and ensure that your supplier base is fit for purpose.

This ground breaking capability enhances the capacity of the astute procurement professional to render procurement advice to their chief executives and heads of procuring entities regarding each and every tendering process conducted in their organizations.

Contract management includes negotiating the terms and conditions in contracts and ensuring compliance with the terms and conditions, as well as documenting and agreeing on any changes or amendments that may arise during its implementation or execution.

It is the process of systematically and efficiently managing contract creation, execution, and analysis for the purpose of maximizing financial and operational performance and minimizing risk

Did You Know That It Takes

5 Hrs
No of Hours it takes to conclude Prequalification Exercise from 21 Days
7 Mins
The Time it takes for a Registered Supplier to Respond to a Floated Tender
1 Min
The Time it Takes to Conduct Online Evaluation and Rank Bidders
Cost Saving
Increase in Profit Margin
Procurement Process Visibility

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